Engage, Convert, Retarget

You add value with the content you create or you share. With Stealth Engage we help ensure that you understand your audience and see a ROI for every link you share or post online.

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Brand Management And Personal Profiles

Leverage your personal or business brand to endorse a partner, affiliate promotion, or anchor your image to curated content being shared with your audience. Build authority in a new or existing niche through co-sponsored or branded promotions by placing your profile front and center.

Easy To Use Campaign Builder

Our intuitive, feature rich campaign builder starts with a prebuilt template set that’s clean and proven to convert. Easily create compelling campaigns to endorse a product/brand, generate polls, convert ad traffic, or build your list. Advanced digital marketers can upload images, use the editor, and tweak content with a vast range of options.

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Trackable Short Link

Trackable Short Links

Share your custom or white labeled tracking link via email, blog, or through social media to create engagement with your audience via fresh or curated content. Each unique link tracks user behavior and updates your campaign metrics in real time. Enhanced social sharing can be enabled to include an eye catching image, title, and description for your link.

Split Test On The Fly

Accelerate campaign ROI through agile split testing. Pit your best profile and campaign tweaks against your control campaign to see which one has a better conversion rate, all from within the platform. With a fast and easy way to visually understand which campaign your audience is responding to, you can make adjustments quickly to boost conversions.

A/B Split Test
Retargeting Pixel

Drop A Pixel On Every Click

Grow your social media audience and generic retargeting list for all of your campaigns or build a custom audience based on specific campaigns. Our stealth pixel drop adds retargeting pixels for everyone who clicks on your link. This helps grow your audience on top platforms like Facebook, AdRoll, and Perfect Audience.

Analytics Data

You need actionable metrics that are easy to review. Knowing which campaigns are converting better provides insights on the copy or content behind the motivation to click, opt in, or fill out a poll. Understanding the behavior of your traffic is imperative to maximizing each campaign.

Analytics Bar Graph
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Retarget Your Audience

Your stealth pixels will allow you to follow and engage your audience around the web and serve up targeted ads on demand while they visit the top websites. These ads will help you build brand awareness, run a partner promotion, or drive traffic back to your site or a similar site to the pixel audience you’ve created.

“As someone who is brand new, I was amazed how fast I was able to create my account and post my first campaign online. I saw clicks and even my first affiliate sale in the first 48 hours. AMAZING!!”

– Dominick W., Arizona